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Hi guys,
If you’re reading this I wanted to explain why I deactivated my twitter account (again).
You know who I am, if you trust me thank you, but some people think I’m a fake. That’s not the problem, I’ve sent selfies by DM to many accounts and when they knew that I was real everything was okay,…

March 29: Selena accepting the award for ‘Favorite Female Singer’ at the 2014 Kid’s Choice Awards

Lea Michele at Kids Choice Awards 2014

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Justin uploaded yesterday this video on IG with Selena ♥

We need to talk about Cory Monteith’s Cosmopolitan shoot…

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'He loved being a good boyfriend'

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You are so out of our league.

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Wave your hands in the air like you don't care

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4x23 Sneak Peek - That much closer to the end of Pigly

Interview with the Cast of PLL.